Nevada Record Sealing

Nevada Record Sealing


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How to Seal Your Nevada Record - Arrests, Felony or Misdemeanors

How to Expunge Seal Record In Nevada

How to Seal Nevada Criminal RecordNevada offers many solutions to for people who were arrested or convicted in Nevada to seal their arrest, juvenile records or adult conviction. Nevada has a waiting period to seal your record. That waiting period STARTS AT THE TIME YOU FINISH YOUR SENTENCE. The Nevada waiting periods are listed below:

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Category A or B Felony 15 years
Category C or D Felony 12 years
Category E Felony 7 years
Gross Misdemeanor 7 years
Misdemeanor 2 years
Misdemeanor DUI 7 years
Misdemeanor Domestic Violence 7 years
Arrest without a conviction After dismissal or acquittal

Please note that some convictions for crimes against a child or a sexual offense cannot be sealed.

Nevada Record Sealing

Record Sealing in NevadaOnce sealed, your Nevada record will no longer be viewed by the public. It is sealed and removed from state and federal databases. Only a few agencies can view and consider a record that is sealed in Nevada. Those include (1) The State Gaming Control Board and the Nevada Gaming Commission and their employees may inspect your sealed records if your arrest or conviction was related to gaming, to determine your suitability to hold a state gaming license, manufacturer's, seller's or distributor's license or register as a gaming employee. (2) A Nevada professional licensing board may consider a proceeding sealed in this manner in determining suitability for a license or liability to discipline for misconduct. Those are the two notable exceptions.

The Process of Sealing Your Record In Nevada

Nevada record sealing requires gathering evidence, writing a motion, submitting it to the District Attorney (so the DA has a chance to object), and then submitting it to the court for consideration. A hearing before a judge will give you, or better yet, your attorney the chance to argue for the record to be sealed. If the judge grants the request, the judge will sign an order to have all records pertaining to the case and arrest sealed. The orders are sent to every agency who has information about the arrest or case

The Time in Takes To Seal A Record

Nevada Expungement AttorneyThe amount of time necessary to complete the process of sealing a record in Nevada varies by court and often by the time of the year. Sealing a record in Clark County (Las Vegas) typically takes about 5 months. Sealing a record in Washoe County (Reno) typically takes 4 months. However, the time can vary depending on the demands of the court. Manpower devoted to sealing criminal records is often diverted to more urgent cases when courts get busy. To insure your case gets sealed as fast as possible, make sure to work with an attorney who is very familiar with the process and can make sure it gets done right the first time. Doing it wrong can me starting the entire process over and losing months of income that would otherwise come with having your record sealed. To ensure that your record sealing request is processed quickly and effectively, we recommend the Nevada record sealing law firm, One call starts the process. 877-573-7273