Nevada Record Sealing

Nevada Record Sealing


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Benefits of Sealing Your Nevada Arrest, Misdemeanor or Felony

Nevada Record Sealing LawyerMore than 80% of Nevada employers are performing background checks. That percentage is even higher in the Las Vegas and Reno casino and hotel industry. Since 9/11, more employers in all economic sectors are performing background checks to meet insurance requirements. Getting a job with a criminal record has become increasingly difficult. In some industries a something as minimal as a misdemeanor can be a permanent barrier to a job. Choosing to seal your Nevada record helps you start your future by leaving a bad part of your past behind. It is the path to better employment opportunities, so you can start making more money and under better conditions.

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Benefits of Having Your Nevada Criminal Record Sealed

Record Sealing Attorney NevadaUpon having your Nevada criminal record sealed, your job opportunities are broadened, increasing your quality of life. You can apply to any job with confidence without the fear of past criminal records appearing on your record. Along with increased job opportunties, you are eligible to obtain certain professional licenses: real estate licenses, nursing license, general contractors license, other medical licenses, and much more.

Restoration of Your Civil Rights

The 2003 Nevada Legislature voted to automatically restore civil rights to first-time, non violent offenders upon expiration of their sentence or upon their honorable discharge from parole or probation. There is no cost to apply. NDOC (for prison discharges) or the Division of Parole & Probation (for those who discharge from parole or probation) will provide documentation of the restoration of rights, which can then be taken to the County Voter Registrar or provided to others as proof.

Automatic restoration of civil rights upon discharge does not apply to Category A felons, Category B felons whose crime caused substantial bodily harm, or felons with 2 or more convictions. Those persons may, however, apply to the courts requesting the restoration of their civil rights. There is no cost to apply.

The civil rights which are restored are:

- The right to register and vote
- Right to serve as a juror in a civil cases
- After 4 years after discharge, right to run for and hold non-law enforcement and non-judicial elective office
- After 6 years after discharge, serve in a criminal jury

Former inmates who were already expired as of July 1, 2003 were automatically restored to their civil rights upon the passage of this law on July 1, 2003. Records older than one year will have to be obtained from State Archives so allow two weeks for response to this request.