Nevada Record Sealing

Nevada Record Sealing


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Choosing an Attorney to Seal Your Nevada Criminal Record

Sealing Nevada FelonyIf you are looking to seal your Nevada criminal record, seek a specialized record sealing attorney to seal your Nevada record. Any licensed Nevada attorney can represent you in court. However, you may wish to work with an attorney who specializes in record sealing. Attorneys who specialize in record sealing provide greater experience and can usually accomplish the task in less time, which should result in you paying less money. We recommmend the leading record sealing law firm, One call starts the process. Take their FREE ELIGIBILTY TEST 877-573-7273

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Questions to Ask When Choosing A Nevada Expungement Attorney

Nevada Record Sealing Attorney- Is it a flat fee or hourly rate?
- Does the price include filing fees?
- What is their success rate with expunging records
- Does the price include all fees associated with the expungement
- Does the service come with a money back guarantee
- Does the price include answering objections from the DA
- Does the price include sending an attorney to court for you
- Will the attorney go to court for you?
- Does the attorney specialize in record sealing?
- Who will handle your case?
- Can you speak to the attorney?

How To Choose a Qualified Nevada Attorney to Seal Your Criminal Record

- Check the Nevada state bar records for a valid license and a discipline report
- Make sure the street address on the bar records match where you are sending payment
- Have the protection of paying with a credit card
- Make sure the attorney has a street address